Social Responsibility

The Environment

2L1 Language Solutions purchased some land in 2015 specifically to sequester a significant part of the CO2 that the company produces in delivering translation and language services across the globe. Starting with about 30 apple and pear trees, this winter we planted another 18 fruit trees, including various kinds of citrus, avocado and olive trees.

Most of the fruit is to be donated to local welfare organisations.

In a hot country like Portugal, water can be a scarce resource. Rainwater is collected in a large tank on site and this provides nearly all we need for irrigation.
We receive technical advice from an agricultural engineer and we do not use any chemical fertilisers or pesticides as we are aiming to produce our fruit to an organic standard.

Overall our aim is for 2L1 to be carbon neutral by 2018.

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Paper-free office

2L1 Language Solutions tries to be as paper-free as possible. Of all our invoices, only one or two a month are actually printed and sent as hard copies. All the others, and 100% of our receipts, are sent as pdf files.

Almost all the exercises for our trainees are sent out and completed as self-correcting html files, again reducing the amount of paper the company uses.

All our lighting has been replaced with LED lamps to reduce power consumption.

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2L1 is proud to support a Portuguese association for the homeless ‘Comunidade Vida e Paz’, particularly its Social Reinsertion Centre called Quinta de Espirito Santo, here in Sapataria.

The support includes weekly donations of food stuffs, assistance with buying some equipment and we even helped at the 2015 Christmas lunch by sourcing and making a huge 100 litre pan of filling Minestrone soup.

We also happily contribute towards the Soup Festival in Gradil every May.