Customer Charters

Our translators:

// Must possess a sound knowledge of the language the original is written in and be a master of the language they are translating into;

// Must only translate into their mother tongue, L1

// Must only accept works they are comfortable with as regards their general knowledge or specific area of expertise and pledge to refuse any requests for technical translations that fall outside their area of knowledge;

// Have the right to fair remuneration for their work;

// Will respect the legitimate interests of professional secrecy and sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement when they start to work with us;

// Will call attention to any errors or lapses in the original texts;

// Have the right to request that their name is mentioned on any published work translated by them.

The customer

// Has the right to a binding quotation, containing details about final price and a transparent explanation of how this is calculated, time estimates and delivery conditions and formats;

// Deserves a "value for money" final text;

// Has the right to 1 or more native speakers to translate their texts;

// Has the right to a second native translator, who will proofread and check the translation

// Deserves that the translation is as similar in terms of lay-out to the original as possible;

// May ask for the translation to be done urgently, i.e. over-night or over a weekend.

// May be contacted to clarify or explain any points in the document that raise doubts.

// May be asked for supporting documents such as illustrations, diagrams etc. to help the translator understand situations or processes better.

// Has the right to request copies of any glossaries that are produced specifically for their documents.

// May ask for their own special company nomenclature to be used

// Should send some kind of formal Purchase Order to show they agree with the terms and conditions before any work is done on the translation.

// Has the right to negotiate any special requests they deem necessary.