As part of our business, we work with sensitive materials from many different organisations. We take the security of such information very seriously to protect the confidentiality of your data as it passes through our organisation.

Our policy on Security and confidentiality ensures:

. 2L1 will agree to any Confidentiality Agreement prepared by a client which is specific to the work that we undertake on their behalf.
. All our translators sign non-disclosure agreements as part of their contract with us which covers ALL documents that they may come into contact with, whether these are classed as confidential or not.
. All printed documents are destroyed by shredding at the end of each job.
. Digital copies of any documents are kept in an encrypted format.
. Translators are often privy to many confidential and secret documents.
. Our translators all sign Non-Disclosure Agreements whenever they start working with us to cover all documents they may come into contact with.
. Any printed copies are physically destroyed so they are completely illegible at the end of the job and digital copies are always kept in an encrypted format whenever requested.
. If at any time and for any reason, we feel we may have any conflict of interest, you will be informed immediately so you may decide how to proceed.