English Proof Reading

A simple grammatical mistake or poor choice of words can destroy hours of work or, even worse, lose you a customer.

Under pressure, it is easy to hit the wrong key or go for the phrase you know, and even the built in spelling and grammar checkers can't realise if what you are saying makes any sense at all.

A simple slip can be fixed in a few minutes, while the damage to your image can last forever.

2L1 offers monthly contracts to ensure ALL outgoing documents (word, excel, PowerPoint, etc.) are proof read in English to catch any embarrassing mistakes and correct the grammar points which could mislead your customers.

You can choose from two different solutions:
End of Business solution: You send you texts by 8:00 p.m. and you will get them back first thing next morning;
Top of the pile: Your text will be checked before any others and sent back the minute it is finished.

We can offer fixed monthly rates for proof reading all your out-going documents, calculated on the estimated amount of work.

Prices are agreed on a case-by-case basis after assessing your needs and deadlines.

2L1 also offers an optional English or Portuguese language feedback solution, to say what mistakes were made and where the authors went wrong. Your proof-read documents are returned just as quickly as ever, but you then get a second copy explaining the mistakes and how to avoid them in the future so your staff is getting real on-job training as soon as they open their mail.

This really is continuous improvement for your employees as they learn from their mistakes and grow in confidence in their use of English.