Website Improvement Opportunities

2L1 regularly reviews the English language pages of Portuguese websites to identify ways to help break down language barriers and improve the pages' effectiveness.

Our translators read the English versions of Portuguese commercial websites to analyse the content, looking for typographic mistakes or grammatical errors, inserting missing text, correcting punctuation then eliminating conflicts between British and American versions of English, using whichever style is best adapted to the client's needs.

For clients who wish to improve the English content of their websites, we use a two-stage process:
1. We initially undertake an in-depth analysis of the site, checking for errors and use this to draw up a fixed-price proposal to implement the language improvement opportunities. Our prices are fixed and guaranteed, based on the total number of files and words on the site, as everything will have to be checked. Our work to this stage is FREE of charge!
2. On acceptance of our proposal, qualified 2L1 translators will proofread every inch of the site to ensure it sounds better than ever. We then send the alterations to the client or their appointed web master as either fully functioning web pages or as Microsoft Word™ files which can be pasted into the next site revision.

Should we find any hyperlinks are broken or images are missing, this will be included in our final report at no further charge.

Do you have a website with both Portuguese and English Pages? If you would like 2L1 to appraise the English content for typographic, grammatical or syntax errors, please click here.